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Confido Advisors will provide its clients with the following services:

Detailed explanation of South Korean  and other Asian investor channels and investor segmentation.

There are over 200 Institutional investors in South Korea and over 20 wealth management channels. Confido Advisors reviews each institution and channel carefully.

Detailed assessments of institutions.

Each institutional investor has a unique hierarchy and reporting structure. We adhere to understanding both top down and bottom up relationship management within organizations.

Provide Summary of Investor trends and investment appetite and preferences.

Investors set an investment plan at the beginning of every year. This plan informs which strategies they are most interested. Confido Advisors will communicate this information to its clients.

Detailed explanation of the steps required to successfully execute investment commitments.

With over 25 years of experience in executing investments, Confido Advisors guides each manager on the steps required to successfully execute investment commitments.

Successfully brand the manager in South Korea and other Asian markets establishing name brand familiarity.

By meeting with key investors and their service providers and other professionals in South Korea and other Asian financial markets, fund managers become well known and investors become familiar with the managers skill and specialty.

Arrange 3 or 4 customized business trips per year to South Korea / Asian markets including 6 one on one client meetings per day.

Confido Advisors personally arranges all itineraries and accompanies the fund manager to each meeting.

Provide weekly/monthly updates on new mandates, RFP’s, allocations to overseas managers.

Confido Advisors works the night hours from the USA, speaking with industry contacts regarding South Korean / Asian  investors interest and activity to invest abroad. Confido Advisors communicates these mandates with its fund manager clients daily.

Arrange meetings in your US offices when South Korean / Asian investors come to the US.

Confido frequently speaks with investors and helps them with their itineraries in the USA. Confido Advisors will guide investors to visit your offices whenever possible.

Arrange regular conference calls with investors.

Confido Advisors will proactively seek to arrange conference calls with fund managers to increase the communications and touch points between the investor and the fund manager.

Introduce fund managers to South Korean academics and board of directors.

The South Korean / Asian financial industry is extremely sophisticated and intricate. Fund managers should spend time to meet with professionals who inform and advise the end investors. Confido Advisors organizes these meetings.

Discuss requirements for fund registration and or manager registration with South Korean / Asian regulatory bodies.

If a fund is required to register with the South Korean / Asian regulatory body, Confido Advisors will assist the fund manager in discussions with South Korean / Asian Law Firms and accounting firms to assist in this process.

Concise overview of the South Korean / Asian financial markets and regulations.

Confido Advisors has been involved in South Korean / Asian Capital markets since 1987. Confido Advisors will share firsthand knowledge on the evolution of South Korean / Asian financial markets and development of institutional investor landscape with its clients.